A DevaCut is a specially designed technique for naturally wavy, curly, or super curly hair.  The curls are cut dry and in their natural state.  This service includes a dry cut, a No-Poo Transformation, and dry time.  Appointments usually run from 60-90 minutes.

When arriving for a DevaCut, please come with your curls dry and in their natural state (no ponytails, buns, or headbands).  Product is OK, as long as it is not overly sticky!

No poo transformation

The No-Poo Transformation service is a three step process that includes cleansing, conditioning, and styling using DevaCurl products.  This is a really good introduction service for someone who is not ready to commit to the DevaCut but wants to learn about the DevaCurl products.  Service time is approximately 60 minutes. 

Bounce back


The Bounce Back service is very similar to the No-Poo transformation, however it is done using the new DevaCurl treatment line, resulting in a deeper cleanse and condition to give your curls their bounce back!  This is highly recommended for anyone who is switching to DevaCurl products for the first time or anyone with heat/styling damage.  It can also be added on to the DevaCut.